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Symbol LS3408-ER

General purpose handhelds Scanner

The LS3408-ER hand-held corded scanner captures 1D bar codes in the harshest of conditions — even when labels are at varying distances. Featuring the widest working range available, it reads labels as far away as 45 feet and as close as four inches.

Mission Produce Uses LS3408 and VC5090 Terminals to Manage Inventory

Mission Produce, one of the world's leading avocado producers, has locations in the US, South America, New Zealand, and South Africa which means they need to monitor inventory as it moves from each of its widespread locations.

It's more important now than ever to have a data collection and realtime inventory management system in place to keep up with the evolving needs of your business, and Mission Produce turned to DataGear to help them develop a reliable system.

To ensure the most suitable inventory tracking system, DataGear deployed a combination of Motorola handheld computers and vehicle mounts including the MC9190, the VC5090 and the LS3408.

The aim was to provide Mission Produce with equipment that is durable enough to withstand change in temperature as the forklifts move in and out of cooler storage and the robust and reliable connectivity you get with Motorola equipment. Their previous system wasn't connecting everywhere they needed and so we helped them develop a more reliable solution.

When helping customers select mobile computing devices, we look for solutions that will provide our customers with increased productivity, organization and overall efficiency. Going with the Motorola devices also helped Mission Produce lower overall cost of ownership with fewer repairs and less downtime than their previous handhelds.

Using Motorola computers has helped Mission Produce build a reliable and cost-effective data collection system that seamlessly integrates into their network and allows them to track the movement of their products from the fields to the hands of their customers.

Find out more information on how DataGear can help you build an affordable inventory management solution using the best technology for your industry and business needs. Visit or call 714-556-5055 for more information.

Zebra LS3408 FZ

Hårdfør scanner.




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